Sunday, June 21, 2009

Welcome to our Blog!

Hello! Welcome to our Road Scholars blog.

We are traveling throughout North America to see all that God has created. We have friends and family all around the world and since we will not have a home base, we decided to create this blog so that everyone can see what we are doing and share in our excitement.

We will be leaving Marquette MI soon and heading east. After that.........we will see! We will be taking turns writing all about our adventures. Mom, Dad, Z-man, Toley, Pooh and Kik are ready to take their turn at the keyboard. Who knows what will be written. We hope to have photos and maybe even a video from our very own Pooh!

We hope you enjoy the ride


Our Trial Run

Our first trial run was to Petoskey, MI, south of the Mackinaw bridge. We got to stay at an RV park, grilling, open our awning (or as Kik says) yawning. and all the other fun things you do on an RV trip. Z-man had a soccer tournament there and so we took a family trip. The soccer field was about 7 mi. away from the campground and of course, having Dad along, we had to bike there. Dad biked there and back to check out the road and then did it again with Z-man and again while pulling Kik in the trailer! But he said he enjoyed it. The trip was VERY hilly and tiring. When we finally got there, we watched Z-man's soccer game and turned around and rode back! Although Z-man was the one with the most pain and anguish because he had to bike there, play soccer and then bike back. Despite the agonizing bike trip we had a good time and had some beautiful weather. Unfortunately Z-man tied one soccer game and lost the other two, but the last game was very close. Now to the funny animal pictures. On the way home, we unexpectedly got to stop at the Garlyn Zoo. It is a small zoo but lots of fun. They have peacocks, baby pigs, cats and chickens roaming around. They also have wolves, goats, llamas, lemurs, a bear, a puma, a camel and even a buffalo! It was really funny when Dad decided to pet the llama while he was eating. After a few pats, the llama turned, looked straight at Dad and then spit all over him!
The peacocks were very pretty, they were just roaming around and some were even high up in trees! I loved taking pictures of them because they would just sit there and pose for me!
We had a great trip,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Starting slowly

Since I'm the least computer savy of the bunch, my posts will probably be less interesting than the others.

As Mom stated, we are a Christian Home Schooling family preparing for a 10-12 month journey. The kids -- Z, Toley, and Pooh -- will probably do most of the posting as that is one of their school requirements.

We are preparing for the event by taking a series of smaller trips to get used to what is required to travel by RV. We are learning as we go.

As we step out on our big adventure, there is a feeling of slight apprehension along with the excitement. We have faith that God will provide a way and the means and look forward to seeing many of you along the way. We travel with that faith.

For those of you wondering, our name, G-Force has three meanings (you will find I like to do things in threes, more on that later). Being a science type, G-forces are a measure of acceleration relative to gravity and sometimes "carry" us along. Another meaning is our name, but the biggest meaning is for God -- the force that will carry us along this trip.

OK, all for now. Take care and pray for us.

Go Pack...