Friday, July 31, 2009

The Journey Begins

The journey begins…

The great odyssey began with split operations. Mom, Toley, Pooh and Kik headed to Virginia by way of WI with stops in Indiana and NJ. Their story will be told by Bird.

Z-man and Dad had to hang in Marquette while Z finished his soccer season. We headed south as soon as the awards barbecue was over. We had to get to IU for some prospective student orientations beginning at 1030 the following morning so it was an all-night drive. Fortunately, Z-man, with his brand new driver’s license in hand, was up to the challenge of driving the RV during the grave-yard shift. I even slept a few fitful minutes while he cruised down the highway. He actually did quite well while cranking his I-pod and munching on peanut butter M&Ms. I experimented with double shots of Starbucks and a 5-hour “energy” drink. Let’s just say 2-hour energy was the end result.

IU was quite interesting. Although we failed to find out exactly what a "Hoosier" is, we had the opportunity to talk to a prospective PhD counselor about possible college destinations after the trip. After getting a tour of the campus we headed out. I was slapping myself to stay awake after about 20 minutes so Z-Man took over once again and piloted us safely to a campground in Ohio where we spent the night. We plan to stop at WVU for our second campus tour of the trip.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We just got back from Appleton (Z-man had another soccer tournament) not exactly a "trial run" because we stayed at grandma's.
Now we have one week to pack up the RV before the movers come. Everything we want to do, wear, watch, play and read for the next 9 monthes has to be packed up. Unfortunatley the RV had to have a minor fix up and didn't get back till Wednesday, only five days to pack up!