Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lets Wrap it up!

This post was suppose to be written and posted over a year ago, but time got the best of us and we are just getting around to it!

We had an amazing year traveling around. We traveled 33,000 miles, visited 43 states and 7 provinces, and 101 campsites! What an awesome journey!!!

The highlights were getting to see friends and family all across the country. Some of which we hadn't seen in over a decade. Also, getting to visit so many different churches and see how people worship all over the country. My favorite church was a little one in Healy AK. The pastor there led the music, preached the sermon and baptized his daughter all in the same service! SUPER!

Last, but not least the was our magnificent country. There were so many beautiful places that we can not possibly do them justice. You need to see them for yourselves. The family favorite was Alaska. We were all so glad to have gotten to visit for an entire month.

We are now living in Julian, PA on nearly three acres of land, with one dog, three cats and 6 chickens. The house doesn't move :) and we have a lot of space to mill around. The dog is happiest of all I think. He has the run of the place and he can bark to his hearts content with neighbors quite a distance away.

I think that given the chance, Nicole and daddy would jump right back in the RV and do it all over again. Jordy, Isaac and I like being settled and Zach, well he is off at college, so I am guessing he is pretty happy where he is.

Thanks for following us on this journey. It has been such a blessing to have you along and such a gift from God to have had the opportunity.

Until next time.............

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